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U.S. heat pump type air conditioner technology to fill the gaps in the industry

October 8, 2011, the U.S. technological innovation and then fruits, its “heat pump type air conditioner in the bathroom environment, key technology research and application” project formally adopted by the Guangdong Provincial Light Industry Association s scientific and technological achievements, by the well-known universities and research institutes of the seven experts of the evaluation committee unanimously determines that the project reached the international advanced level, to achieve a heat pump type air conditioner in the bathroom environment applications to fill product gaps in the field.

It is understood that the current prevalence of high energy consumption bathroom heating products, uneven temperature distribution, poor comfort, light glare radiation large, single function, and so on, can not meet the high standard of living needs of the user. Existing air conditioner in the bathroom in order to achieve the application, but also solved the temperature distribution is poor, the strong wind and poor comfort, moisture-proof electric appliances do not, the indoor unit installation and other technical bottlenecks. The United States after full market research, decided to develop in the bathroom safe and reliable application environment, and energy efficient, comfortable and good, high value-added air-conditioning products, heat pump air conditioner into the research project and a major breakthrough .

Guangdong Provincial Light Industry Association Yang, accusing him and spoke highly of the project: “The project technical achievements novel, unique, for the first time the heat pump type air conditioner in the bathroom environment, applications, and originality of the proposed bathroom air conditioning control standards and product standards of comfort, bathroom air-conditioner in line with enterprise technology standards, to meet the requirements of the use of the bathroom environment, energy saving, comfortable, versatile, safe and reliable, mature technology, a significant benefit, with higher application value. ”

According to reports, the project by the U.S. heat pump type air conditioner on in the bathroom environment, heating rate, heating the air temperature, temperature uniformity in key areas and the air speed of research, the first bath of the proposed sub-regional heating, air, and put forward innovative and eccentric centrifugal wind wheel air the size of complementary technology, unique to the air duct oriented arc technology, higher than the air temperature of the heat pump system technology, the compressor is running ahead of booking low-frequency heating technology to achieve the air conditioner in the bathroom environment, strengthening regional heating, the air temperature is high, the temperature distribution and air soft, increase the comfort of the bathroom environment.

For electric heating of the heater, Yuba and other light shining radiant heating products, high energy consumption of traditional bathroom issue, the United States, the project-specific use of energy efficient heat pump system, its energy consumption electric heating type heater is only one-third of the First, the light shining radiant Yuba quarter, with a very prominent energy saving effect. Meanwhile, the special environment of the bathroom, drying technology, and dehumidification techniques, the United States in the project put forward innovative under special circumstances for the use of the bathroom drying, dehumidification technology and control methods to enhance the product added value, successfully resolved the problem humid bathroom environment.

As the industry leader in air conditioning, air-conditioning has always adhered to the U.S. consumer as the core, the deep insight into consumer demand, and through technological innovation to improve the living standards of consumers. With the United States “heat pump type air conditioner in the bathroom environment, key technology research and application,” the product of the project, I believe that consumers will enjoy a more comfortable life.

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Release FAN5358 Fairchild buck regulator fixed output

Designers often need to portable devices, especially smart phones, data cards and tablet computers, integrated over the range PMIC processing functionality, such as additional I / O rails or processors. These I / O rails and / or processor needs to run a stand-alone device to power. Fairchild Semiconductor (FairchildSemiconductor) for this design challenge, develop FAN53582MHz, 500mA synchronous buck regulator.

FAN5358 buck regulator operates from 2.7V to 5.5V input voltage range to provide a fixed output voltage. The device uses a proprietary synchronous rectifier structure, can provide 500mA of current, and as low as 1mA load current by more than 80% of high efficiency.

In the medium and light load conditions, FAN5358 uses pulse frequency modulation to the device in power saving mode, to achieve a very low quiescent current (typical 25?A). Even so, low quiescent current, the device can swing significantly when the load to provide excellent transient response. In addition, the shutdown mode, supply current to 1?A, further reducing power consumption.

FAN5358 uses a cost-effective 6-pin SC70 package, which is easy to use, to simplify the manufacturing process. The device is ideal for mobile phones, smartphones, 3G/4G data cards and tablet PCs, ultra mobile PC and the Internet and other devices in the application.

Fairchild FAN5358 is designed to meet the portable power supply (including core power, peripherals, power supply, battery charging, RFPA power and lighting solutions) needs a wide range of products designed in a series. Fairchild through the use of advanced silicon chip and package options for the smaller size and engineers to provide high performance solutions that will improve their design innovation.

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