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What is the difference between UPS and regulator
2011-10-18 by seoer1

Voltage Regulator and UPS in our lives today are very widely used, the computer can see the shadow of UPS and UPS for the computer is a very important part of the regulator's more widespread use.

UPS and regulator what the difference, the following specific analysis:

1 regulator: it is designed for the voltage instability is mainly used as a back-end equipment protection, protection of equipment better. Generally large UPS systems must also be equipped with a bypass regulator. The role of regulator range is wide, almost need to use the power of the place. Can be used (of course provided that the voltage instability). With the general home computer, with television sets, choose high-precision automatic Linear Voltage Regulator on it, is the market exchange regulator said the SVC, the price is; if it is industrial, then of course, is the exchange of high-power voltage regulator control the matter, there are mechanical and electronic divided, generally is no need to replace the electronic carbon brush, simple and practical convenience, but the low voltage power sites, choose to manually adjust mechanical regulators is reasonable, the voltage Manual adjust, to ensure that the machines work properly.

2.UPS divided into on-line and back-up, is part of general computer equipped with back-up style, it belongs to an emergency power supply; with back-up regulator is part of, an electronic switching regulator can be used as Used regulation, but regulators are not effective;

On-line UPS: Online UPS at work, first into DC electricity to charge the UPS battery, and inverter to AC inverter this DC power supply for the load, because after a mains AC to DC, to AC conversion process, so any original mains interference filter and pulse voltage components have been very clean, so, out by the on-line UPS inverter voltage is very stable. UPS has the advantage of high-frequency small size, light weight, high efficiency, its disadvantage is the poor impact resistance overload.

For regulators and UPS have done above, a good introduction and description of hope for you to understand these regulators and UPS can help you have a good life in the future can be very easy to distinguish between them and their to better use.

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